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The new collection of souvenirs created by Vladan Srdić in Belgrade Window Souvenir Shop
09 Jun Tue
31 Mar Wed
Belgrade 100% is dedicated to all who left or stayed in Belgrade

T-shirts, note pads, bags, mouse pads etc. make a collection Belgrade 100% by Vladan Srdic. This collection adds to the Belgrade Cultural Centre souvenir programme. The author about his collection:

Belgrade has always been in short supply of something and it might have abounded in everything 100%! When we were little, we suffered shortages of coffee, electricity and jeans from Trieste. Ten years later, we were short of sugar, bead, common sense…Today we are told that we have everything we need and the list has never been longer. The collection Belgrade 100% represents a creative retrospective of our past, present and future, Belgrade nooks, streets and yards. It is humorous criticism, a semi-serious warning and instruction how to use the city. It is dedicated to all the people that have stayed in the city or abandoned it, all the citizens of Belgrade regardless of their origins, people with their own piece of mind. In our common countdown to that magic 100%, I sincerely hope you will enjoy this new collection.

Srdic named all the pieces from his collection and marked them with tags with instructions how to use the city. Note pads were named after residential areas in New Belgrade (Block 22, Block 28, Block 45, Block 70), children’s T-shirts after Belgrade streets (Telazije, Uncle Prince Mihailo, Aunt Tsarina Milica), and T-shirts for adults bear humorous and subversive names (Vitamin Ć, Latin Alphabet, Here in a Faraway Land). The collection includes bags whose prices are tailored to the economic wealth of a buyer (We’re loaded, so we can spend; We’re broke, so we can spend), and mouse pads (Blimey mouse, Click as you speak). A winter collection will be ready soon!

Vladan Srdic (Belgrade, 1972) has worked as an art and creative director for Saatchi & Saatchi, Y&R, Bates, Ogilvy and other companies, as well as for various clients from Slovenia, Germany, Canada, Hungary and Serbia, after his schooling at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. He has been living and working in Ljubljana for years now. He is one of the founders of Studio 360 which he has been managing successfully since 2005. He is the winner of numerous awards at various national and international festivals: ADC NY, D&AD, European Design Awards, Golden Gryphon, Golden Drum, Brumen, Best of Bates, “Magdalena, SOF, Nagoya Design Do, Golden MM, May Exhibitions of the Serbian Association of Fine, Applied and Drama Artists, EPICA, Mladina… Vladan Srdic has taken part in about 45 international exhibitions, 5 of them were solo ones. See more on: www.studio360.si

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