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Olivera Stošić Rakić
literary and debate programme manager
+ 381 (0)11 2621 137


Words that make, words that feel… Words that face with the present, words that change… Words, combined with images, movements and sounds explain complex phenomena of contemporary creative works, real and virtual worlds… Written, uttered, heard, received, forwarded… Real words… Work of the Cultural Centre of Belgrade literary-debate programme is dedicated to the words like these ones.

Olivera Stošić Rakić, Literary and Debate Programme Manager

Literature and Debate programme

Relevant and current topics, as well as the authors within various realms of artistic, cultural and scientific creative work and socially engaged activities make up corpus of these programmes. These are especially characterized by cherishing culture of dialogue, striving to complete and innovative manners of presentation of certain values, as well as favouring of participation of young creators – writers, critics, scientists, researchers…
The board of managers tries to document some programmes with publications, audio and video/film releases.
Almost all relevant intellectuals from the region – Dragoslav Srejović, Vladan Vasilijević, Mirko Kovač, Ivan Čolović, Živojin Pavlović, Jelena Šantić, Ivan Klajn, Latinka Perović, Slobodan Šijan, Andrej Mitrović, Vida Ognjenović, Vasa Pavković, Gojko Božović, Predrag Marković, David Albahari, Svetlana Velmar Janković, Dragan Velikić, Ljubica Arsić, Svetislav Basara, Filip David, Radmila Lazić, etc. – have been our collocutors in all literary and debate programmes, panel discussions and polemics.
Due to a true need for a dialogue with the most renowned men and women of letters – Mario Vargas Llosa, Joseph Brodsky, Gyorgy Conrad, Charles Simic, Eva Lipska, Alexander Genis, Ludmila Ulitskaya, Slavoj Žižek, Adam Zagajewski, as well as numerous relevant personas of the contemporary global culture – have taken part in the Centre’s programmes.

Literary programmes, round tables, lectures, workshops and panel discussion only conditionally – because their contents and forms are interlaced – can be divided in several wholes.

Promotion programmes deal with presentation of the most relevant works in the current publishing production – promotion of new books and periodicals, primarily in the literature, but also within the realms of fine art, music, film, scientific work and cultural heritage.

Dialogue and education programmes are the most dynamic programme cycles due to diversity of domains, topics and manner of presentation, necessity of interdisciplinary approach and direct reaction to the current stimuli. These deal with topics relevant to the world we live in through multi-voiced approach and real dialogue. Sometimes these are the ones of special and vital relevance for the local and national scenes, and sometimes these are global phenomena whose effects directly induce us to consider and comprehend, improve or resist them. This cycle means polemics and deepening of knowledge both about the issues the contemporariness has set to us (human rights, global warming, globalization, interculturality, common standards and many others), and about the ones the next moment brings to us. Series entitled City Lights, which, just like Charlie Chaplin's movie, is somewhere between the “dreamed” and a “possible” life in a big city, has a special place within this cycle. Wide range of symbolic and practical topics and a number of various experts’ and personal points of views regard Belgrade, its identity and identification of its dwellers as Belgraders.

Two rather relevant and unique in our country, interdisciplinary and multimedia author’s projects have a very special place within the Centre’s programmes:
One Writer Festival and
World Poetry Day


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