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Svetlana Petrović
art programme manager - curator
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Gordana Dobrić

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Milica Stanković Đorđević
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Aleksandra Estela Bjelica Mladenović

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When I started working at the Cultural Centre of Belgrade nineteen years ago, I thought that the exhibitions at the Art Gallery were important for the artistic life of the city, for young art historians and above all for the artists. Then I had that naïve curator’s emotion, and backed anything new, fresh and young. I was young then, and the Cultural Centre of Belgrade was old.
And all these years, which have not been easy at all, the exhibitions have been opened – the Critics Have Chosen at the beginning of each season, the Lazar Trifunović Award – and artistic generations, from the renowned authors to the newcomers, have been replacing each others; new authors’ attempts have been discovered; new strategies, creative production and realization projects mastered; exhibitions expanded to other galleries, alternative and public spaces; photography and electronic image moved into the sunlit space on the first floor; the world has come into the Serbian most relevant contemporary art exhibition – the October Salon…
I am older now, but the Cultural Centre of Belgrade is still young.

Svetlana Petrović, Art Programme Manager

Art Programme

Art programme of the Cultural Centre of Belgrade is known for its constant moving between classic forms of fine arts, design, architecture, photography, ambient installations and site specific projects. High esthetical standards, active attitude towards the Serbian and international contemporary art scene, respect for professional exhibiting demands, diversity and quality (of linked) programmes and activities, as well as the central city location make the Centre one of the most respected places of contemporary art in both Belgrade and Serbia.
Contemporary works of Serbian and foreign artists of different generations, poetics and creative media are presented, and modern and contemporary art phenomena are explored at two galleries – the Art Gallery and the “Artget” Gallery – at approximately 40 individual, group, thematic and monographic exhibitions a year.
All exhibitions are accompanied by a bilingual, Serbian-English, catalogue with illustrations and texts of the critics, theoreticians and art historians, not only as a proof of the exhibition held, but also as a valuable base for the future studies of the contemporary art scene.
The publishing of the Centre, specialized in artistic publications, is particularly focused on – rare for Serbia scene – publications on photography within two editions: Photo Artget: Theory (Foto Artget: Teorija) and Photo Artget: Monographs 5½ (Foto Artget: Monografije).
Cycles of lectures on relevant art movements, phenomena and topics; new curatorial and art practices workshops; panel discussions and debates with artists and critics; individual opuses and national scenes presentations; curators and authors guidance through exhibitions and workshops for children and youth, are all an integral part of the art programme and a very important factor for understanding not only (the world) of visual art and contemporary world as a whole for both the audience – of all generations and various levels of education – and active curators, critics, theoreticians and art historians.
The Centre – as the founder and a long-time organizer of the annual “Lazar Trifunović“ Award ceremony – contributes to affirmation of art criticism and analysis of contemporary fine and visual arts.
A belief that the world of contemporary art is indivisible guides the Centre in its aspirations to have the best possible insight into the foreign scene through guest shows and programmes, international cooperation and projects among which the October Salon stands out as the largest and the most relevant international festival of contemporary visual art in our country organized by the Cultural Centre of Belgrade itself for over three decades.
Although it is the Centre’s oldest activity, the art programme has been always aspiring to the new, different and valuable issues. It has been presenting bravely and continuously almost all new trends and relevant authors of the contemporary scene of Belgrade, Serbia and the former Yugoslavia from the mid-20th century to the time being, and organizing relevant exhibitions, interdisciplinary and multimedia projects – Yugoslav Art Triennial; Jews in Yugoslavia; Vienna Fantasticks; Contemporary Danish Architecture; European Playbills; Art in Public Venues – Belgrade, Paris, Belgrade…

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