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Damjana Njegić
music programme expert associate
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Ljubica Solunac
editor of music programme
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"Belgrade is the world – musicians, friends and journalists used to say to me when I launched the Midnight Concerts cycle of classical music at the Cultural Centre of Belgrade in the summer of 1986. Belgrade is the world – numerous Belgrade and foreign audiences would confirm it at each concert. Since that summer the Cultural Centre of Belgrade has carried out numerous concerts of classical music, primarily of young performers because they needed us the most – both as a support and as an encouragement for the future. I know that path has been right every time when I watch and listen to Nemanja Radulović on MEZZO channel and remember a nine-year-old boy and his first solo concert on the podium of the Cultural Centre Art Gallery. And I am told today that he had a concert at the Carnegie Hall yesterday, and that he will start his Japan tour tomorrow.
Belgrade is the world when we listen to
The September Evenings of Spiritual Music at the Cathedral Church (Saborna crkva) or The Organ Days at the Cathedral of Blessed Virgin Mary (Katedrala Blažene Djevice Marije). As well as when our friends, the renowned European organ masters, assure us that we have one of the most important organ festival in Europe. And the Harpsichord Festival.
Belgrade is, and was the world even when they were destroying it. Music was different then.
Belgrade is the world when
December Plays Jazz  for us, and our musicians and composers, who are scattered all around the world, come back to The Cultural Centre after ten or twenty years to play for Belgrade audience, in front of whom they always have the most butterflies in their stomachs.
And, because we have been meeting and recognizing each other, and become a sort of friends through creativity, talent, sensitivity and well-intention in that world at some hundred concerts a year, then you know why this job I have been working for twenty-two years now is my great love.

Nena Mihajlović, Music Programme Manager

Music Programme

Music programme – distinguished by its high quality of existing programme wholeness and new initiatives – perseveres in backing and cherishing musical youth of Belgrade and Serbia. The most talented performers, classical music composers, international and national awards winners and the renowned musicians have been appearing at the regular “Concerts at the Gallery” – on Monday evenings at the Centre and broadcasted by Radio Belgrade 202 “Classical Music Drugstore” since 1986.
A belief that the real investment in music future of the country lies in discovering of young talents and supporting their appearances in public at the beginning of their careers – when support and professional experience are enormously important – has absolutely yielded results. Many globally renowned musicians have started their careers at the Centre: Aleksandar Madžar, Ilija Marinković, Vesna Stanković, Miloš Raičković, Isidora Žebeljan, Nemanja Radulović, Vladimir Milošević, Stanko Madić, etc.

The Centre is today known as originator and organizer of two distinctive international festivals – “The Organ Days” and “The Harpsichord – Living Art” – at which many prominent European performers and pedagogues have appeared. Besides the all-evening concerts, the integral part of these festivals are also several-day master classes, courses, lectures, panel discussions, instruments exhibitions and workshops for the audience.
Lorenzo Ghielmi (Italy), Jon Laukvik (Norway), Jurgen Essl and Martin Sander (Germany), Dalibor Miklavčič (Slovenia), Christoph Bossert (Germany), Liuwe Taminga and Peter Dirksen (Holland), Borbola Dobozy and Agnesz Rotko (Hungary), Maria Luisa Baldassari (Italy), Egon Mihajlović (Montenegro), Blandine Rannou, etc. are just some of the prominent names of European organ and harpsichord music who, as performers and lecturers, have taken part in the international organ and harpsichord festivals.

Besides classical music, the Centre also has a weakness for jazz music in its own way – especially shown through December Plays Jazz concerts cycles, that closes the annual programme in the air before the holidays.

Important anniversaries are often motifs for creation of special interdisciplinary projects and concerts celebrating outstanding persons in the world of music (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 2006; Music of Johann Sebastian Bach, 2000; Belgrade to Horowitz, 1999 – concerts dedicated to great composers, as well as to contemporary Serbian and foreign authors).
The Centre music programme takes place at various city’s podiums, from the Belgrade City Assembly, art and culture institutions, to the streets and squares of the City; the tours to other towns and cities in Serbia are organized often too. The Centre is co-organizer and associate of numerous music festivals, such are the Guitar Art Festival, Promenade Concerts of the Belgrade Wind Orchestra, The World Music Day, The International Chamber Choir Festival, the Belgrade Summer Festival (BELEF), The International Review of Composers and many others.


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