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October Salon

The October Salon is the most representative event in the domain of visual arts in Serbia. Its founder and patron is the City Assembly of Belgrade. Founded in 1960 as an exhibition of the best achievements in the field of fine arts, the Salon turned into a significant review of current trends in applied arts in 1967 as well. Thanks to its four decades long tradition, the October Salon represents a significant segment in the research of the history of modern Serbian art of the second half of the twentieth century.

Today, the Salon serves as a reference guide of Serbian culture and a great review of authors. Its selectors are experts in the domain of contemporary art tendencies and its subtypes. The Salon has changed its conception and structure, organisation models, ideas, juries. It was subjected to harsh criticism and confrontation, but remained a challenge to creative minds. It is also an exhibition that has become an indispensable factor by setting new art standards in this region. The City Assembly of Belgrade appoints the Art Committee, consisting of the most renowned experts in the field of visual arts, every two years. This Committee decides on the concept of the Salon. Three equal prizes are awarded for the best achievements at the Salon according to the jury appointed by the Council. An ample bilingual catalogue accompanies the programme of the Salon. Since 2001, a new position has been introduced – an art director. At the suggestion of the Salon Art Committee and with the wish to establish a dialogue with the international artistic/cultural scenes, the City Assembly of Belgrade has decided to turn the October Salon 2004 into an international event for the first time. This new idea is based on the need to present cultural diversities, artists from different parts of the world, especially Europe, as well as to set an immediate and equal dialogue between the domestic and international art scenes.

The City Assembly of Belgrade has, at the suggestion of the Salon Council, appointed Mrs. Anda Rotenberg, a Polish art historian and worldwide respected curator, to be the art director of the 45th October Salon. Her concept of the Salon - ‘Continental breakfast’ - raises the issue of identity and belonging, which is significant in both world and European current tendencies. This issue represents quite a challenge in various art researches.



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