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Vesna Danilović
Assistant Programme Director / Manager
+381 (0)11 26 32 534



In its long and rich history the Centre has never given up its original mission – to promote highest artistic, cultural and social values and to support high creative aspirations, researches and experiments of both national and international scenes.  Only forms changed on that path, as well as priority domains and topics in line with the spirit and needs of the time, which the Centre would often recognize and go towards them bravely before the others.

It is a dynamic cultural institution today, within which numerous ideas, topics, poetics, forms and media in various creative domains are united and contextualized every day, fusing into a unique programme wholeness that gives the Centre extraordinary vibrancy and strong profile – the Centre celebrates present time, relying on understanding of the past and preparing itself to be a match to the future.

Due to the very fact that it is not a museum or a cultural heritage protection institute, the Centre has been privileged to dare stepping forward into the unknown, into promising researches and experiments, and to offer – within unique programme concept – proven values along with the youth’s talents, old, new, known and unknown.

Programmes of lectures, workshops, panel discussions, courses, guidance through exhibitions and projects, etc. are valuable intermediaries for understanding of the exciting world of creativity, particularly of contemporary concepts, forms and media, both to the professional and ordinary audience, and especially to the young generations.

The Centre is creator, organizer and partner to many national and international projects and institutions that significantly mark the contemporary scene of Belgrade and Serbia. 




The Cultural Centre of Belgrade
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