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Welcome to the Cultural Centre of Belgrade!

Exhibitions, panel discussions, lectures, concerts, numerous music and film festivals take place at this spot; books are published and authentic design with a touch of Belgrade are promoted here as well… In its galleries, but also all around the city, the Cultural Centre of Belgrade organizes the most relevant international visual arts exhibition – The October Salon.

At this place, in the very heart of Belgrade, culture is created and presented – it changes and pulsates to the rhythm of the city… this place is alive all around the clock, 365 days a year… Visit virtual spaces of the Centre, inform yourself about the people who create its programmes and without whom nothing would be possible, find your way to the Art Gallery, the Cultural Centre of Belgrade Movie Theatre, the Belgrade Window or the Artget Gallery… I’m sure that here, at the central city square, where the past meets the future, you will find exactly these things which are adequate to your definition of contemporary culture.

Danica Jovović Prodanović, former General Manager / Director, 1996 - June 2009



I hope that, in the future, the Centre is also going to be source and sound base of Belgrade urban culture which we have been constantly contributing by supporting high creative aspirations, pushing the limits of creativity, strict cherishing of critical dialogue, setting up of new production and organization standards and conquering new spaces for art and culture.
Believing that culture has an enormous power to affect lives of individuals, I do hope that we will hand down our devotion, excitement and privilege to discover secrets of human creativity, true arts and productive experiments to the young generations, which the Centre will recognize as the living heart of Belgrade in which pulsates its urban spirit and constant thirst for new ideas from the entire world, and where all good ideas, along with true desire, talent and knowledge, can become an exciting reality.

Vesna Danilović,
Assistant Programme Director / Manager





About the Centre

With its “many arts from one centre” formula, attractive location in the very heart of Belgrade, within the protected pedestrian, cultural and historical zone of Knez Mihailova Street, with the most beautiful view onto the main city square – The Republic Square – and many adequate facilities – café, bookstore and Belgrade souvenir shop – the Cultural Centre of Belgrade is a must visit when you are in the city; it is active and dynamic creator and always present backbone of Belgrade cultural life, whose activities connect this European capital city with numerous spots on the cultural map of the world.
The Centre is a real home to all arts but the theatrical one, but it is often present in its alternative form within the activities of this polyvalent programme house of art and culture.

Exhibitions of contemporary art, film projections, concerts, literary programmes, lectures, workshops, debates, conferences, happenings, etc. are interlaced every day within this unique multipurpose facilities complex on over 2,000 m² – situated in the three-side facing building of the Press House, a typical example of Serbian 1950s architecture – but often around the Centre as well.

Within the Centre, comprised of
• the Art Gallery (120 m²)
• the Artget Gallery (280 m²)
• the movie theatre with a foyer and a café (747 m²)
• the Belgrade Window (a bookstore, a café, a souvenir shop) (565 m²)
• the office of Belgrade Tourist Organization (TOB) (340 m²)
• studios and stock rooms (305 m²)
• offices and auxiliary premises (366 m²)
most of more than 300 programmes take place over a year. But, diversity and size of the projects often require different and larger spaces than these ones, thus presence of the Centre can be sensed at numerous squares and streets of the city, at the alternative buildings and spaces atypical for art and culture, as well as in other cultural institutions, other towns and cities in Serbia and the region, and more and more all around Europe.

Founder and patron of the Cultural Centre of Belgrade is the City of Belgrade.




The Cultural Centre of Belgrade was founded in 1957 as a multidisciplinary cultural institution, whose informative and educational role was prevailing over the years of the post-war development of the new Yugoslav society and strict political and ideological divisions in the world. It was rather important to get information about the “outside” events within various domains and culture, as well as to send information about ourselves to the world. Thus, the Cultural Centre began its work as a large and well-equipped public library; the Art Gallery was opened afterwards (1961); and a movie theatre shortly (1963), which – as the well-known DKC (the Cultural Centre Movie Theatre) brought up generations of movie lovers. From the very beginning the Centre had an important role within the realm of the international cooperation as the organizer of numerous presentations of our artistic creations in the world, as well as of foreign ones in Belgrade.


The Cultural Centre of Belgrade
Knez Mihailova 6
11000 Belgrade, Serbia
tel. + 381 (0)11 2621 469
fax. + 381 (0)11 2623 853

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